Bono: Stage And Studio
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FENDER CUSTOM SHOP | Telecaster | 2011 | everygreen finish

Premiered in Anaheim, June 18th, 2011...  Bono played his Fender Custom Shop Telecaster on The Fly.
(Video by: D-Ray --  the talented Mr. DanielRaymond)

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Built for Bono

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Built for Bono

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster
Built for Bono

Bono's New Fender Custom Shop guitar

Semi-Hollow Fender Telecaster style body. The pickups are Gretsch style Filtertron (Perhaps TV Jones), Gretsch style gold binding, Gretsch style Fret Markers and knobs...
Wonder if they will sell these or if they are merely being made for the B-Man.

Info update: Thanks to Jeff Shirkey for the info
Here's the scoop...  Paul Waller is the guy who makes these guitars. It was basically his idea to combine some features of a Gretsch (the pickups, the f-holes) into a Tele. He built a white one about a year or so ago as a prototype. I'm not sure if Bono has that one or not. From what I was just told, it seemed like the idea for this guitar was Paul's, and then Bono somehow heard about it and/or saw the prototype guitar.  But, in any case, yes, the green one is obviously for Bono, and it's just now getting ready to ship. 

These are not production guitars (and there are no plans for them to become production guitars), but Paul can build them for anyone who may want one. You'd simply place an order through a Fender Masterbuilt dealer, ask for Paul to be your builder (he's the only one doing these), and discuss what you want to do. Of course he could make an exact replica, if that was what a customer wanted