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Bono: Stage And Studio


As seen in the 'Ordinary Love' video:

Gretsch Electromatic (RED) in 'Ordinary Love' video

GRETSCH | Electromatic  | G5623 | Bono (RED)

From Anderson's UK:

Also new this year is the Gretsch G5620 Bono RED Electromatic guitar. 

Details are scarce currently, but it's evident that Gretsch are supporting the (RED) cause, founded by Bono, which seeks to provide aid and support to those affected by diseases including HIV AIDS.

This guitar is an Electromatic Center-Block and features the (RED) branding and RED finish.

Gretsch Electromatic G5623 Bono RED Guitar


In the trailer for "From The Sky Down", you can see Bono with his cherry Gibson 335 in older footage. And you see Bono with a black finsih Gibson J-200 in the Hansa footage from 2011.