Bono: Stage And Studio
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GIBSON - Les Paul Custom - 19xx - black finish

LAST NIGHT ON EARTH: Popmart - Las Vegas (video below)

LAST NIGHT ON EARTH: Popmart - Las Vegas (video below)

MAKE: Gibson
MODEL: Les Paul Custom
FINISH: black
I have seen pictures of Bono in the VOX magazine [August 1993/Page#21] while in the studio during the writing and recording of the "Zooropa" CD.
I have also seen a few in the studio pics of Bono playing this during the making of "Pop" and "All That You Can't Leave Behind".
  • STAGE: He toted this black Les Paul Custom and his metallic Les Paul early during the 1997-1998 PopMart tour. "Gone and "Last Night On Earth" are two songs that Bono used this guitar; during early PopMart shows.
  • STUDIO: I am uncertain what tunes may feature this guitar but it can be seen in some of the Zooropa sessions and PopMart sessions photographs.
  • VIDEO:
    I've seen video footage of Bono playing it during "Gone" and "Last Night On Earth" during the opening night show in Las Vegas. (picture inset is of said show)