Edge: Stage and Studio

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BREEDLOVE - CM - 199x - natural finish

Model: CM
Vintage: 199x
Notes: I am not sure what or how often this guitar may have been used for recordings. And I've not seen him play this guitar at shows or any pictures of The Edge using this guitar. I did see it hanging in the studio in a few photos. It is also possible that it is Bono's guitar.
Winner of several design awards, the asymmetrical, sharp cutaway CM Classic guitar is highly sought after for a tone as striking as it’s appearance. No instrument more completely sums up the Breedlove approach to modern guitar design than the CM. Visually AND tonally unlike any guitar available today, the CM Classic marries a Western Red Cedar top with highly figured Walnut sides and back. Bloodwood binding and a Linear Fusion Inlay compliment the bold, sweeping lines of this award-winning guitar.