Edge: Stage and Studio

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Edge Variax 700 acoustics guitars

LINE 6 | DM4 stompbox
These pictured belong to | THE EDGE

LINE 6 | custom DM4 PRO
Made exclusively for | THE EDGE

"The Edge plays vintage instruments". This is something we've heard in a number of interviews. The exceptions are few and the exceptions are usually due to a newer model having an exception benefit in the way of technology.
This is the case with The Edge's use of Line 6 products.
Line 6 is well know for it's digital modeling. They specialize in making effects and guitars that model other vintage pieces of gear. One can see how this would appeal to The Edge.
That said, The Edge still finds something new and interesting to do with the Line 6 gear. The Edge stated that Line 6 were surprised to see how he used the Variax 700 acoustic, in a more electronic way, which was not necessarily how it was intended.

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The Edge playing "Love and Peace" on his silver sparkle Line 6 Variax 700 acoustic

The Edge playing "The Fly" on his black Line 6 Variax 700 acoustic