Edge: Stage and Studio

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2007 "Fine Tuning" - SaintX.com

Fine Tuning


Piled high on the left side of every U2 stage is a stack of equipment so imposing that it makes NASA’s Mission Control look amateurish. According to The Edge’s guitar tech, Rick “Dallas” Schoo ’71, it is a collection of items essential for reproducing the sounds on U2’s albums.

After spending 15 years working with artists like Bruce Springsteen, James
Taylor, and Pearl Jam, he earned the respect of his colleagues as one of the best Guitar Technicians in the business. In 1985, The Edge, lead guitarist of U2, called and asked him to interview with the band in Dublin.
Dallas has never looked back.

Some of his responsibilities include the tuning of up to 47 guitars throughout a single show and restringing all of The Edge’s guitars before each concert. On stage, Dallas stays within 15 feet of The Edge in order to facilitate the “sound” from song to song. But Dallas also initiates and coordinates
U2’s entire guitar and amplifier related endorsements. He selects and designs most, if not all, of the guitars that The Edge and Bono will use on stage and in the studio.

Dallas says “it is an absolute blessing to be part of this world class band and their many alliances for humanitarian causes.” Those alliances include
Amnesty International, Music Rising, and the ONE Campaign, just to name a few.

Working with U2 is “intense” and Dallas credits his wife, Gloria, for sticking by his side for 29 years. Reflecting on his high school years, he recalls meaningful
friendships and how St. X instilled in him the importance of having faith in, and giving thanks to, a higher power.

So if you see Bono or Edge anywhere in the world playing a guitar, Dallas is somewhere on the scene. He adds, “There is nothing like the thrill of being a direct part each night of U2’s performance in front of 20,000 to 180,000 people.”