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BOSS - BD2 - Blues Driver - overdrive (Modded by Keeley)


MAKE: Boss (modded by Robert Keeley)
MODEL: BD-2 Blues Driver

How about The EDGE of U2!!!

"THE" BOSS BD-2 Effect Pedal Modifications!

Transparent Guitar Tones!! If you are new to Robert Keeley Electronics Sound, try this pedal.

The BD-2 Phat Mod is Transparent Overdrive with Full Range sound.

For tone-purists, this is it! It's not simply a distortion pedal but rather a tone tool that adds to your guitar tone, supplying really nice lows, crystal clear high frequency, great picking response and detail. For those wanting to set their amp on fire but not change the tone of their system, this is the pedal.

The BD-2 is not the same as a TS9 pedal. It has a more FULL-RANGE sound and is much more TRANSPARENT. When cranked it offers a grittier/more-edgy tone.

***After our mods it’s a remarkable tube-amp enhancer/simulator!***

The BD-2 is very DYNAMIC and works wonders with the volume control on your guitar. You can control all the drive you want by setting the BD-2 Gain high and using your volume control to instantly dial in the rest!

This is not a "fuzz" pedal, (although a stock one might appear to be at times!) but has the best characteristics of a fuzz pedal. Smoother and more realistic sounding on top of all that!

Perfect for Hendrix to Country! How can Robert say that?!?! This pedal has a HUGE RANGE OF TONE!!! Customers tell me on a daily basis, it's the sound they've been looking for for years; it sounds like their rig without the "distortion-pedal-carpet" over their amplifier.

This is the pedal if you are looking for the cranked Fender Super amplifier sound.

Plus, we add our "Phat switch" to allow even more of your natural low end through for those times when you need a little more beef!

One of the best parts is that it has tremendous volume output. It can be used as a CLEAN BOOST with no problem and drive your amp into natural sounding overdrive.

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