Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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2011-07-18: Music Radar Online

U2's drum setup in pictures: Larry Mullen Jr's 360 Tour kit revealed

Larry's tech talks The Claw, rotating risers, stadium sounds

Rhythm magazine, Mon 18 Jul 2011, 4:23 pm BST


Yamaha PHX series drums in Silver Sparkle (Custom) finish: 14' rack tom; 16' floor tom; 16' mounted floor tom; 24' bass drum.

"Larry’s kit is called the PHX, the Phoenix. It’s an amazing Yamaha kit which is a hybrid of different woods - maple, ash, kapur, jatoba - from different countries, and the sound is absolutely phenomenal.




Paiste Signature Series: 16' Power crash; 17' Power crash; 18' Power crash; 18' Full crash; 22' Power ride; 14' Heavy hi-hats.

"Over the years, we’ve brought everything down. In the old rock days all the cymbals were a mile high. We spent some time working on cymbals.



10' Yamaha Peter Erskine model snare and 14' Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum (main snare)

"We’ve been using a variety of snares in the studio and the snare of the day is a Ludwig Black Beauty. It’s off the shelf. We brought it in and absolutely loved it. The drum sound has been getting great reviews.