Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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Sonor Drums

1960's Sonor drum kit
Hansa Studios - Achtung Baby sessions

MAKE: Sonor
MODEL: (uncertain)
VINTAGE: 1960's
FINISH: white marine pearl

- Daniel Lanois mentions this kit in his book, "Soul Mining" (2010). The kit belonged to Hansa Studios.
- Daniel mentioned that the kit was in a closet at the studio. Once they'd set it up, that kit became the kit for Achtung Baby. There are pictures of Larry playing this kit in the Achtung Baby CD booklet.
- It is possible that U2 bought the kit from them (or a similar kit), it there are pictures from 1996/97 of him playing what appears to be the same (or similar) kit during the sessions for 'Pop'.