Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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Garbage are still playing with Matt Chamberlain on drums. On December 2nd, Garbage gave the last concert as an opening act for U2. U2's drummer, Larry Mullen showed the band's apretiation by joining Garbage on "Only Happy When It Rains".

According to Shirley, "When Larry Mullen Jnr. joined us on stage and played the closing song of our set with us which happened to be "Only Happy When it Rains", the crowd went OFF and just about lifted the roof right up from the stadium. How can I possibly describe what a thrill it was for us to play with him? We were all grinning like village idiots.

"Butch Vig, on the other hand, already participated on U2's music in the past, like on the production of the "Lab Rat" remix for the great "Staring At The Sun" track.