Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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PAISTE - Signature (model) cymbals:
Used during 2005-2006 VERTIGO tour thru the 2009/2010 U2:360 tour


Larry Mullen Jr. has been a PAISTE cymbal endorser for 20+ years. He's been playing PAISTE brand cymbals exclusively since (at least) the WAR tour, if not a bit sooner.
Larry used mainly PAISTE "Rude" model cymbals, during the WAR and UNFORGETTABLE FIRE period.
Larry began using the PAISTE "Signature" line upon their conception in the late 1980's-early 1990's.
I do remember seeing some pictures of Larry playing some Zildjian cymbals, early in his career. Larry can be seen playing Zildjians in a recent (May 2008) post of Larry in the studio.