Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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Video of Larry playing "Get On Your Boots" on his LUDWIG kit  with ZILDJIAN cymbals at Hanover Quay. April 2008.

Larry could also be seen using the Black Oyster finish Ludwig drum kit w/Zildjian cymbals during the "I Believe In Father Christmas" video shoot.

Larry has been associated with PAISTE cymbals. But it does appear, from 2009 studio footage, that Larry had experimented (if not recorded) some of 'No Line On the Horizon' using Zildjian A Custom cymbals.
Have a look at the video link to the left (Larry tracking "Get On Your Boots", and the video below that - "I Believe In Father Christmas" - Which shows Larry Mullen Jr, once again, playing the Ludwig drumkit and Zildjian A Custom cymbals.