Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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1999-2001: ATYCLB/ELEVATION era

Beech Custom
Yamaha has long believed that professional quality shells must be made from the same quality wood materials. In keeping with that tradition, Yamaha's Beech Custom series joins the Maple custom and Recording Custom series to form a powerful trio of professional quality drums.

100% Beech Wood Plies
Using 100% beech wood plies, the Beech Custom series produces a drum sound of professional quality that parallels Yamaha's drum-making philosophy. This new series incorporate traditional style chromes plated lugs and YESS mounts on both toms and floor toms. Its sharp and well-centered tone lies between the soft full tone of maple and the hard, sharp tone of birch. Tuning is easily performed and allows for use in a wide range of musical styles.

Yamaha System Drums
Yamaha System drums are individually handcrafted with perfect balance of tradition and technology-a balance that reflects the signature Yamaha sound. With a consistent philosophy where sound is the priority, Yamaha manufacturing experience also ensures a quality look and lifelong durability. Our original Air-Seal System shell, for instance, is a crucial factor in determining superior tone quality. Yamaha engineering has also provided brass drum spurs, pipe clamps, and ball mount joints, for ove

Yamaha engineering has also provided drummers with durable and reliable hardware, such as brass drum spurs, pipe clamps, and ball mount joints, for over 20 years.

The Shell
At the heart of any drum is its shell. Years of research and experimentation have gone into the creation of our shell design. Two critical factors of this design include our unique Air Seal System ( TM) process and a precision bearing edge profile.

Shell Finish
Yamaha drum shells are adorned with elegant and durable finishes. Our nine-step, seven-day finishing process provides a deep, rich finish perfected from over a century of acoustic instrument manufacturing. High gloss lacquer exterior finish allows shell to vibrate freely with professional look and sound.

Bass Drum Spurs
Yamaha bass drum spur design has provided drummers with trustworthy support for more than 20 years. The hexagonal design and angle of the legs allow the spurs to withstand and absorb the tremendous impact of repeated bass drum kicks. Height adjustments are easily made with a drum key.

Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System (YESS)
The Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System mounts provide minimum mount to shell contact to increase the drum's resonance while providing a wide dynamic range and long sustain. And for maximum results, YESS mounts are attached to only two points on the shell at its nodal point, where the vibration of the shell is only minimally reduced. Tom shells can vibrate freely because the tom arm does not penetrate the shell. This design maintains a quick attack and provides exceptional stability when played

YESS Rod Clamp
The YESS rod clamp uses a nylon bushing to tighten around the hexagonal shaped tom arm for a secure hold.

Pipe Clamp
Inside the pipe clamp mounted on the bass drum, a unique nylon bushing, developed by Yamaha, tightens around the tom holder pipe. This innovative design eliminates slippage, and prevents unwanted buzz or damage to the pipe.

Yamaha lugs incorporate precision-machined lug nuts inserted into springless, die-cast casings. These noise-free lugs are used on all Yamaha drums.

Ball Mount and Clamp
The Yamaha tom clamp design has provided drummers with outstanding support for more than 20 years. Its large resin ball allows total freedom when setting up our drum kits and facilitates tuning of bottom heads after the toms have been mounted. An enlarged wing bolt allows quick and easy adjustment, and an internal retaining plate inserted below the bolt ensures maximum stability to withstand the most rigorous performances.

Steel Hoops
2.3 mm triple-flanged steel hoops.

Floating Bass Drum System
The Floating Bass Drum System used on 18" bass drums elevates and supports the beater side of the drum allowing the beater to strike the drum in the center of the head.

Air-Seal System Shell
Guarantees shell is always in round.

Color Finishes
Blueberry, Lime Green, Pure White, Pear Yellow, Red Apple, Solid Black

Elevation Tour Drum Kit:

LMJ playing Yamaha Beech Custom drums
May 03, 2001: Cleveland, OH @ Gund Arena

Yamaha Beech Custom Kit: White Mica (finish)

WSD-0107 14"x7" Snare Drum
WBD-1024 24"x16" Bass Drum
WTT-1014J 14"x10" Tom
WTT-1016 16"x14" Tom (to the left of his hi-hat)
WFT-1016 16"x16" Floor Tom
WFT-1018 18"x 16" Floor Tom


CS-940 Cymbal Stand (4x)
CS-945 Cymbal Stand (3x)
DFP-8210 Double Foot Pedal
DS-940 Drum Stool
FP-8210 Foot Pedal
HS-950 Hi-hat Stand
SS-940 Snare Drum Stand


Brady Custom Drums

12" x 7" Brady Custom Snare *