Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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1981-1982: OCTOBER era

Information forthcoming...

per U2 Magazine. Vol 2. February 1982

Larry has a somewhat unusual drum set up. Not that the kit itself was unusual, but it was arranged in an unusual manner and had several unusual extras. The basic kit is a very impressive all black Tama Fiberstar - all single headed, and including a 24" kick drum, 16" and 18" floor toms, and a selection of rather deep rack toms. The snare was a LUDWIG LM402  6 1/2" x 14" Supra-Phonic chrome over Lud-a-loy / aluminum snare drum with blue and olive badge. He also has a pair of Latin Percussion Timbales. The cymbals comprised Zildjian 18" thin ride; 18" thin crash; 18" medium crash; 18" pang and 21" ride, with Paiste 14" hi-hats on a Premier Trilock pedal. The rest of the stands are Tama. The kit is miked using Sennheiser 421's for the kick and the floor toms, Shure SM57's for rack toms and snare, Electro-Voice RE10 on the hi-hat and AKG D190's on the rest. No overhead mikes.


Larry Mullen Jr's use of the Tama FIber Star drums was to end during the October tour.
Larry began using Yamaha 9000 Recording Series drums during July of 1982. While he did use the Tama's for the Werchter Festival (July 4, 1982, and seen in the picture above), he was using the Yamaha Recording Series kit by the time of the Gateshead Festival (July 31, 1982, as can be seen in the video below)


December 9th, 1982 // Groningen, Netherlands // pre-War tour (picture above)