Larry Mullen Jr: Stage And Studio
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Brady Drums




BRADY DRUM client since 1989:
Brady Snare Drums

(partial list)

10 x 4.5" Jarrah Ply Snare, Wandoo Burl satin finish

12” x 7” Sheoak Block Snare (old primary, pre 2005)

12” x 7” Jarrah Block Snare

14” x 6.5” Jarrah Block Snare

14” x 8” Jarrah Block Snare

14" x 8" Sheoak Block Snare (primary, post 2005) 

14" x 8" Wandoo Block Snare

14 x 8" Sugar Gum Block Snare


Jarrah Ply Drumkit/Banksia Satin finish:

14” x 10” Rack Tom

16” x 14” Floor Tom

20” x 16" Bass Drum



"We have been using our newer 14 x 8 Sheoak Block snare on the U2 Vertigo World tour and we have had some great reactions from drummers and fans alike. There is such great tonality from the Sheoak but as do the Wandoo and Jarrah which we have used on previous tours and studio recordings. Larry's mainly used a 12 x 7" Sheoak Block drum live since 1989. It's only 12 inches across, but he gets a great whack out of it. They all have that defining Brady sound and all have their own qualities. Sheoak this time around again.........sounds Great"

(Quote by long-time drum tech, Sam O'Sullivan)