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e-Mail from Dan Lakin: Lakland Guitars

I had recently emailed Dan Lakin of Lakland Bass guitars with some questions about Adam Clayton's "Vertigo tour" and Elevation tour Lakland bass guitars. He responded fast! You gotta love that in an equipment company!


Hi Jeffrey,


For the 2005 "Vertigo" tour, Adam was using four US made Darly Jones models:


(2) - Natural Jones with custom black blacks and no binding w/ maple necks.

(1) - Teal Green Metallic Jones with custom abalone blocks and no binding w/ maple neck.

(1) - Gold Jones with custom abalone blocks w/maple neck [Adam hasn't taken delivery of this one yet].


During the Elevation 2001 Tour, Adams used the following:
(2) US made, Joe Osborn signature models - one sunburst, one natural
(1) US made, Bob Glaub signature – natural finish.





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