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SC1 MIDI Foot Controller

Our famous Midi Foot Controller, which has become the standard in the industry - housed in our zinc-plated steel chassis.

With its elegant design, innovative features, and reliable performance, the SC1 forever changed the way guitarists use Midi Foot Controllers.
That’s why we believe the SC1 is the ultimate Midi Foot Controller.

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The SC1 was meticulously designed to meet the most rigorous touring demands of the professional guitarist.
When designing the SC1, we painstakingly strove to create a Midi Foot Controller that would offer users maximum flexibility, reliable performance, intuitive functions, expandable software and a sleek ergonomic chassis.

The SC1’s high quality, easy to read 12 character red display makes changing presets in even the toughest stage enviroments easy.

Adding a clear LED-lens on every single LED to improve the visibilty at
any angle, perfects the live performance of the SC1.

The SC1 is the world’s first Midi Foot Controller that offers the power and flexibility of computer software editing. Imagine the time saving convenience of being able to edit any features found on the SC1 right from your personal computer. Whether it’s chaning the order of presets, typing in song titles, programming midi changes or printing out set lists, with the SC1 Computer Editing Software you can do it all.

Simply download your changes from your computer to the SC1 when you’re done editing.