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GRETSCH | Country Gentleman | 19xx | walnut finish

MAKE: Gretsch
MODEL: 6122 Country Gentleman
VINTAGE: 196x - (Post 1962. Vintage to be confirmed)
FINISH: Walnut
- STUDIO: During the recording of the Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 sessions. (As seen in the picture on the right)
- Grover Imperial Tuning machines.
- W/"Zero" fret.
- "Neo-Classic" ("Thumbnail" / "Half-moon") fret markers
- Single cutaway.
- (2) FilterTron pickups.
- The pickguard is Plexiglas with a gold backing and the name ‘Gretsch’ on it.
- Gretsch Bigsby BG6 vibrato tailpiece
- As it has the stand-by switch leads me to the belief that it is a 1962 (or later) model.
- Being that it Grover Imperial Tuning machines, that leads me to believe that it is from 1962-1963.
- It appears to have real (open) F-Holes. Some early 1960's models had these, leading to the belief this is from 1962-1963 (Leaning toward 1962)


Arrangement #3 ("Tone-Switch Circuit with Standby")

Featured on Models: G6196T, G6193T, G6122-1962, G6120DC, G6119-1962FT, G6119-1962HT, G6072, G7594

  1. Pickup Selector: Switch for selecting the pickup position (rear for neck, middle for mixed, front for bridge).
  2. Master Tone Selector: Tone control switch so that the tone can be selected from three settings. The rear position emphasizes bass, the middle is neutral and the front offers a slight high-frequency roll-off.
  3. Master Volume: For adjusting overall volume.
  4. Neck Pickup Volume: For controlling the neck pickup volume.
  5. Bridge Pickup Volume: For controlling the bridge pickup volume.
  6. Standby: In the center position, no sound is produced, regardless of the volume controls. Sound is produced when switched to either side position.