Edge: Stage and Studio

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JRT 9/15 combo
** This is a sample photo & not Edge's actual amp **

Two-in-One Guitar Amp Sounds Like Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix

Attention, budding ax gods: If you can hit the right notes, this compact rock box will make them sound like solid gold. The impeccably finished cabinet looks vintage, but it's actually a postmodern mashup: Under the retrolicious grille cloth are two sets of power tubes from the classic age of rock — dual 6V6 amps, favored in the United States by the likes of Buddy Holly, and a pair of EL84s, secret weapon of the '60s British Invasion. Flip a switch to alternate between them. Dual volume controls for each mode let you further color the tone for a jangling rockabilly sound or a fuzzed-out Hendrix snarl. Designed in 2004 by legendary amp auteur Fred Taccone, the JRT 9/15 has won scores of devoted converts — folks such as U2's The Edge. It may look small (just 21 inches high and 38 pounds), but rest assured: This baby makes some glorious noise.

  • Home Audio Components: Amplifiers
  • Manufacturer: Divided by 13
  • Price: $2,600


JRT 9/15 w/Tuned, open back 1x12 cabinet made from 13 ply Finland Birch or in an easily transportable combo.  It has a big, focused sound, and is great for recording and small gigs.

Two amps in one?

With an overly stout and painstakingly developed power supply made to accommodate two sets of power tubes, the JRT 9/15 offers the biggest sound in a low wattage amplifier heard to date.

Starting from right to left, the single input of the amplifier (high and low sensitivity) feeds the inputs of two 5879 Pentodes, each with its own volume control and bendable. Each is voiced differently: one is brighter with more clean headroom while the other is gainier and thicker in the low mids. Added to this volume is a 6 position switch which offers a "bright cap" selection. The last knob is a high cut for the overall amplifier. The "Mode" toggle provides a selection of either 9+ Watts with 6V6s, or 15+ Watts with EL84s, offering and exceeding the best tones available in some of our favorite late 50's American 6V6 amplifiers, and our favorite EL84/EL34 English amplifiers.

Don't be fooled by its size; this one sounds huge!

*Debuted with Frank Simes -- Don Henley Tour, 2004


bullet 9 Watt, (2) 6V6 Mode, Cathode Bias Class A
bullet 15 Watt, (2) EL84 Mode, Cathode Bias Class AB1
bullet Tube Rectified
bullet Single Channel, Dual Modes (selectable via toggle switch)
bullet Volume 1, Volume 2, Tone, Cut

* courtesy of: Divided by 13