Edge: Stage and Studio

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GIBSON | Sonex Deluxe | 1980 - 1982 | black

* This is a stock photo of this model. Not Edge's actual guitar *

* This is a stock photo of this model. Not Edge's actual guitar *

* This is a stock photo of this model. Not Edge's actual guitar *

MAKE: Gibson
MODEL: Sonex 180 (Not sure if Edge's was the 'standard' or 'deluxe')
VINTAGE: 1980 to 1982 (Exact vintage uncertain)
FINISH: black
  • STAGE: "With A Shout (Jerusalem)", "Rejoice"
  • STUDIO: "With A Shout (Jerusalem)" (BBC Session on 3 Septemember, 1981)


With A Shout (Jerusalem):

Sonex-180 (Standard):
(From the "vintage guitars" link in England below)
Body Specs:
Multi-phonic™ body construction (wood core, resin outer layer)
Single cutaway design
Adjustable chrome plated Tune-0-Matic bridge with chrome plated stop-bar tailpiece
Uniquely shaped double sided finger rest with white revealed edge
Two high ouput Gibson "Dirty Fingers" 3-point adjustable exposed pickups that feature one cream and one black coil
3-position toggle switch for pickup selection (individual or both pickups simultaneously)
Coil tap switch to place either humbucking pickup into a single point non-humbucking mode
Attractive, efficient black speed knobs
Pickguard covers 3/4 of body, bolt-on 3-piece neck
Ebony finish

Body size:
Length 17-1/4"}
Width 13"
Depth 1-3/4"

Neck Specs:
One piece select hardwood construction
Width at fingerboard nut 1-11/16"
Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays and corresponding side dots
Individually enclosed chrome plated machine heads
Gibson truss rod with distinctive truss rod cover, decal logo
22 frets
24-3/4" scale length

Introduced as Sonex 180: 1980
Re-named Sonex-180 Deluxe: 1981
"Sonex by Gibson" logo decal: June 1982
"The Gibson Guitar Co." logo decal: July 1982
Standard Gibson logo, ebony, candy apple red, silverburst, or antique fireburst finish: Late 1982
Discontinued 1984.

More information on this model here: