Adam Clayton: Stage and Studio
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Aguilar DB 751
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Aguilar DB 115
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Aguilar DB 410
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Updated: November 2009

Aguilar Amplification has been honored to have U2’s Adam Clayton using two DB 750's, two DB 410's, and two DB 115's on the group’s record-shattering U2 360 tour. After using the brand-new DB 751 amplifier for the season premier of Saturday Night Live last month, Adam will now be upgrading to the DB 751 for the remainder of the tour. He will continue to pair the amps with the same combination of DB 410 and DB 115 cabinets.

A tour of such grand scale demands gear that is rugged, powerful and sounds great with a wide variety of instruments including the 12 different basses that Adam rotates between every night. The tonal flexibility of the DB 751, “the only amp to ever one up the DB 750”, makes it the perfect match for the biggest tour of 2009/2010/2011.

For the past 30 years, Adam Clayton has played every combination of gear as U2 enjoyed unprecedented commercial and critical success moving from promising new act to the world’s biggest rock band. With this much history, Adam can play through any bass rig that he wants. Everyone at Aguilar is excited that Adam chose our amplifiers and cabinets to help him sound great in sold-out stadiums around the globe.

courtesy of: Aguilar Amplification


March 2009
After seeing the various awards shows, I noticed that Adam Clayton had some new amps. I was curious so I contacted Aguilar to find out what items of there's Adam was using and sent them off some pictures from the shows. Aguilar's response below:

Aguilar - DB 750 amplifier
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Hi Jeffrey,
The rig Adam is using in those shots is a DB 750 amplifier with a DB 410 cabinet and a DB 115 cabinet (both cabinets in Classic Black).  We appreciate you adding the links.  They are as follows:
The heads are kept with his tech off stage for easy adjustment. 
Please let me know if there is anything else that we can help you with.
Best Regards,
David Avenius
Chief Executive Officer
Aguilar Amplification
****  Editors note: Adam has changed FROM the db750 TO the db751 model since the time of this original email.



"So there I was, fifteen years old, with a dark brown Ibanez-copy bass guitar and no amp. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. Absolutely none. Not a clue. It just sounded good to me." - Adam Clayton