Adam Clayton: Stage and Studio
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1999>2002 era - gear

LAKLAND - Joe Osborne - vintage uncertain - natural finish

LAKLAND - Bob Glaub model - vintage uncertain - natural finish

BASS GUITARS  | Adam Clayton

Fender - Precision - 1972 or 1973 - tobacco finish (worn)

Fender - Jazz - 1961 - tobacco finish

Fender - Jazz - 1972 - tobacco finish: Adam replaced the bass neck with a vintage 70s-era rosewood neck, had the sunburst finish stripped down to its presentnatural finish in the later years and also replaced the dark originalpick guard with one more compatible to the natural-finish vintage white one that remains on the bass to this day. This bass was auction at the 2008 Icons of Music Auction in NY.)


Lakland - Joe Osborne (Similar to Fender Jazz Style) - pre-2001 - Natural w/black pickguard

Lakland - Joe Osborne (Similar to Fender Jazz Style) - pre-2001 - Natural w/white pickguard & ash body. 

Lakland - Joe Osborne (Similar to Fender Jazz Style) - pre-2001 - tobacco finish

Lakland - Bob Glaub (Similar to Fender Precision Style) - pre-2001 - w/ white pickguard & ash body.

ASHDOWN AMPLIFIERS | All That You Can't Leave Behind
Ashdown 800 head and the matching cab with two 12s and one 15.
Also, we moved around a lot in the studio this time, trying different rooms and all, so I used an Ashdown 400 4x10 combo, too.
Occasionally we'd add extra bottom end with a dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer -- but these days I don't much.
I've come to prefer the pure, clean sound of the bass. I like the physical effect of a good bass sound; that's really what it's all about. And that's why the best place to stand when you see a band is always in front of the bass rig!
dbx 120XP Subharmonic Synthesizer: "In A Little While" & "Elevation"
"Mark originally sent a range of Ashdown heads, cabinets and combos to Dublin for auditioning prior to the recording of the 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' album. Suitably impressed, Adam chose an ABM C410H-500 combo to use in the studio and, when the time came to go on the road, Mark suggested that he should try the custom rig originally designed by Ashdown for bass legend John Entwistle".
BASS PLAYER magazine. November 2000


"So there I was, fifteen years old, with a dark brown Ibanez-copy bass guitar and no amp. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it. Absolutely none. Not a clue. It just sounded good to me." - Adam Clayton